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Why Do You Need Video Content?

Video is the way customers (yes, even yours) are consuming content. Whether they are learning how to fix things, understand things, or catching news highlights -- everyone is using video.

Your competition will be too.

So beat them to it.

Your Meet The Experts video could be the game-changing content that sets you apart and wins you the business!

Can you relate to any of these?

- You struggle with knowing what content to create

- You think your business is fine without video

- You've tried to create videos, but the lack of results makes you feel it's not worth it

Guess what? You're in the right place.

Podcasts and videos actually work for you 24/7/365. While you're working on your business, your podcast will be out there working for you. Every second of every day, there's an opportunity for someone new to find you and learn about what you do! That's because once you put a podcast or video online, it can be shared around the world for months or even years to come.

That's why we're giving you something that'll last FOREVER

The well-crafted video podcast episode we'll give you for free can be shared endlessly in countless ways.

The episode will touch on all the essential things potential customers need to get to know you and your brand, and it's entirely yours to choose what to do with it. Some best practices for ensuring you get the most out of your free episode include:

  • Posting it on social media (most usefully, in bite-size clips)

  • Sharing it to your own podcast

  • Displaying it on an easily visible section of your website

Imagine how much time you'll save your future self by spending just 30 minutes being a guest on Meet the Experts... potential customers will easily find out about your business for years and years to come just from this one small decision!

How would you like your business to be featured on the biggest platforms out there?

...for FREE!?

After your episode is complete, we automatically upload it to the most noteworthy platforms for podcasts, Spotify and

This will create much more online traffic for your brand, increasing the number of links back to your website and shares of the interview!

Your Video Will Rank on Page 1 of Google

This happens a whopping 90% of the time at no cost to you

"So why else should I spend 30 minutes being interviewed by you?"

Connect With Locals

This is a powerful way to be heard by other local North Carolina business owners and consumers!

Tell Your Story

Nothing resonates more than a good story. By having the chance to tell yours, listeners will develop a special attachment to your story and business.

Amazing Content

Again, this is FREE content. You will receive the video and audio files to use as you would please. All we ask is you share the podcast -- as will we!

If you need even more help exposing your episode to potential customers... we have other options for you too!

At this point, we've done dozens of Meet The Experts interviews. For a while, after we gave our guest the free video, we wondered why we never saw them promote it anywhere.

It was collecting virtual "dust".

We realized you may need some additional marketing expertise to help you make the absolute most of your episode.

So now, in addition to everything we've mentioned above, we offer 2 different packages to help you take your episode above and beyond!

Advanced Packages

Extreme Visibility Package

  • Everything mentioned above, plus:

  • 14 fully-produced 15-45 second video clips from the show

  • Press Release written and distributed to over 300 news outlets

  • Episode also published to all the biggest podcasting sites in the world, such as Google, Apple, SiriusXM, Pandora, Stitcher, and more

  • One-on-one expert guidance from Jay Vics himself where he will help you get maximum exposure from your episode!

White Glove Service

  • Everything mentioned above and in the Extreme Visibility Package, plus:

  • We will share it to all your social media platforms for you

  • Blasted promotion to reach up to 10,000 pairs of eyeballs... maybe even more!

  • Personalized Double Your Sales Discovery Session with the one and only Jay Vics

Extra, extra, read all about the Press Release!

With both packages, news of your podcast episode will be spread to some of the biggest platforms nationally.

Wondering what just a small fraction of those 300+ news outlets we get Meet the Experts Podcast press releases on are? You might recognize some of these...

Meet THE Expert Host/Guide!

Jay is not your stereotypical businessman. He started his agency as a side hustle back in 2012, with just $500 to spare from working at another company full time. Fast-forward to now and he’s a serial entrepreneur, constantly working on improving the longevity and success of the businesses he works with as well as his own.

Meet the Experts began as a passion project of Jay's as he firmly believes in the power of giving. He saw that countless businesses all over are intimidated by one of the simplest and most effective things they can do to grow their business -- create video content.

He then realized... maybe just giving out incredible and FREE video content is not enough. So he went a step further.

We're so excited to offer you the opportunity to work even closer with Jay in the advanced packages!

In the Extreme Visibility Package, he'll give you one-on-one support and guidance on the best ways that you specifically should promote your episode to get the absolute most out of it.

For the White Glove Service, not only will you get that one-on-one guidance, but you'll also receive a personalized Double Your Sales Discovery Session. This is the PERFECT thing for business owners who need something way beyond help with the episode... you want Jay's expert advice on how your business could and should go about your marketing strategy to DOUBLE your sales!

3 Quick Steps to Become a Guest on "Meet the Experts"

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  • Fill in the required intake information. This way, we'll have everything we need to make the podcast a success.

  • Book Your Pre-Interview "Soundcheck"

Once you submit the form, you will be taken to an intake questionnaire. After that, you will be taken to a booking page with the option to choose the time that works best for you to join us in a soundcheck session!

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"Thank you, Jay! You are great at what you do, and very thoughtful and knowledgeable."

Monique Critchfield

Piedmont Counseling and Development Services

"You've got the interview process down. Easy convo and I enjoy being on podcasts. Plus I love Jay."

Mike Doyle

Drive80 Studios

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